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November 26, 2018
ALERT: BBB-Related Phishing Scam Reported

BBB Serving Western Virginia has received a report of a phishing scam directed at Accredited Businesses in various regions across the country. An email was forwarded to the BBB offices in Roanoke Tuesday afternoon that had been sent to an Accredited Business. It contained the phrase “BBB Automatic Business Accreditation” and said that the contents of the message had been encrypted. The potential victim was encouraged to open an attachment, which we think may install a virus or some other malware on the recipient’s computer. 

The primary red flags in the emails are:

· The web address for the link in the email does not contain the BBB's domain name -

· There is no BBB logo or other identifier in the body of the email. 

· The address in the email is not from the local BBB that serves their area.

Because these messages are malicious and fraudulent, BBB advises any business that receives these e-mails to take the following steps: 

Do not click on any links and do not reply to the message;
Forward the message to;
Completely delete the message from your inbox; and 
Run a full virus scan on your computer if you clicked on any links. 

If you receive any e-mails claiming to be from the BBB and need assistance in determining whether or not it is legitimate, contact us directly at (540) 342-3455 or 1-800-533-5501.

This message is being sent to you by Better Business Bureau Serving Western Virginia.
Julie Wheeler
(540) 342-3455