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The Electric Company to Showcase Stan Fettig's Carvings at 2nd Fridays

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April 24, 2017
Electric Company to Showcase Stan Fettig's Carvings at 2nd Fridays

The Electric Company Art Gallery, members of the Bedford Artisan Trail, will be showcasing Stan Fettig's carvings on May 12th, at 2nd Fridays Event!  The Electric Company is located in downtown Bedford on 207 East Depot Street!  Come on out and meet Stan!

Stan began carving at age 12 while in the Boy Scouts with a project of a neckerchief slide. His interest in carving continued through his military career where he made contact with other carvers. Here he learned various different techniques and became acquainted with better tools and how to sharpen them. This he carried into civilian life and better honed his craft in all the years that followed.

Early carvings were mostly primitive and small using only a pocket knife. He slowly built a small collection of better tools as he continued to carve on and off while working in telecommunications through his career. Since his retirement he spends more time at the bench working on projects from animals to birds and Santas. His carvings range from in the round to relief and chip carving. He carves mostly American Basswood which is readily available in up to 4 inch thick stock. When he can find it he also uses Tupelo which is a better wood for bird carving.

Stan began to teach carving about 4 years ago after joining a woodcarving club in Florida where he went for vacation. Some people who had never carved showed up wanting to learn and asked who the instructor was. No one else spoke up so Stan said “I can teach you” and proceeded with a cowboy boot. Because he wants people to learn the art and carry it on he has continued to teach those interested. He recently did a small training session at Liberty HS for some art students who all completed their boots with great success. They walked away with some basic knowledge of how to work the knife through the wood to create a work of art.