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Legacy International


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About Us

Legacy International, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1979, equips emerging leaders to transform their vision and values into sustainable success. Through its home office in Bedford, and office in Washington D.C., Legacy offers training programs for non-profit organizations, schools, companies, and government institutions and brings exchange participants sponsored by the U.S. Department of State to the SW VA and Washington D.C. region for cultural immersion/professional development.
Legacy International has developed a deep expertise in how to effectively train, communicate with, and mentor community leaders, youth, professionals, governmental officials, and non-governmental administrators across a wide-range of global and cultural settings, helping them to develop and implement practical, values-driven, successful solutions.

Our staff and Teams of Excellence deliver state-of-the-art training programs:

Professional development
Cross-cultural and diversity training
STEM training
Peace Education/Social Cohesion
Civil Society Engagement
Social Entrepreneurship
Environment Stewardship/Climate Change


Gathering Circle at GYV
Friends at GYV
Staff having fun GYV
Sharing ideas at the mike GYV
Jamming with Tom Teasley at GYV
Matching Tees GYV
Legacy's Director of Training, LivingSidebySide
Photo Mosaic Activity with Community Development Organization Staff, LivingSidebySide training
Small Group Discussion of Educators, LivingSidebySide training